Approved Roofing Materials

Cedar Shakes (Number One Grade (blue label)

Cedar Shakes in either heavy or medium thickness – this was an original roofing material approved for the area.

Concrete/cement tiles or Terra Cotta Tiles

This was a historically approved product. Only grey colour approved.

Upgraded Metal Decra Style or Slate Roofing

In gray or black tones. This was a historically approved product.

Euro Slate & Euro Shakes/Eurolite Slate & Eurolite Shakes

All of the Euro/Eurolite shakes and the Euro/Eurolite slate colours have been approved,


The board has approved this product but please note that it does not appear as similar to cedar shakes as some other products. Approved colours are Classic Silvered Cedar, Aged Cedar, and Multi-tone.

Pro/shake Plus

Approved colours are Weathered Shake and Charcoal Grey.

Da Vinci shakes / Da Vinci Shingles

Approved colours are Autumn Wood, Mountain Blend, and Tahoe Blend.

Interlock Lifetime Roofing Systems

Approved colours are Charcoal/Grey.


References to any of the links are only to provide further information regarding the above specific products. Any other products shown on those websites are not approved. The Board reserves the right to delete, amend or add other approved products at any time in the future in which case the changes will be noted on this website.

Approval of these roofing materials relates to their appearance. WCHA does not make any representations regarding the quality, durability or performance of any of the products. Each homeowner must make their own assessment as to these matters.

Permission to use alternative roofing products not approved on this list must be sought by submitting a written request to the WCHA Board of Directors.