Fence Stain Colour

Cedar Fences

While WCHA Ltd. routinely maintains approximately 17,000 lineal feet of fencing on a courtesy basis to ensure the high quality appearance of the community, it is the responsibility of the individual homeowner to maintain and repair their fences.  The style and colour of fencing must be maintained by all individual homeowners.

Architectural guidelines indicate that rough-hewn cedar must be used for fence boards and stringers, while 4 x 6 posts may consist of rough-hewn pressure treated wood. *** This policy is under review due to the increasing unavailability of rough-hewn cedar stringers and fence boards.***


(Please note that Cloverdale reformulated Stonehedge solid stain in 2005 and is a slightly different colour than the previous formulation)

Cloverdale Paint Store Locations:
9735 - 28th Ave.
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Wrought Iron Fences

The developers constructed wrought iron fences with stucco posts in phase IV of the development to give The Pointe an upscale flavour. While WCHA has undertaken to maintain the outside perimeter of stucco posts (and caps), the maintenance and repair of the wrought iron fence is the sole responsibility of the homeowner.

Stucco Fences and Pillars

Outside perimeter maintenance and repair of stucco fences and pillars are maintained by WCHA on a courtesy basis at the present time.