Community Regulations

Whitemud Creek is a unique community lifestyle concept in which the developers created a community that would be the envy of every other community in the City of Edmonton. Their plan was to put in amenities that were superior to anything available in any other community and to ensure the community retained its value, Carma Developers put in place a series of architectural guidelines and placed restrictive covenants on all property titles to ensure that the architectural guidelines were adhered to in order to reflect the value of our properties.

An encumbrance was placed on each title requiring homeowners to pay a yearly fee to ensure all community owned assets are maintained and safeguarded. This fee is now $315.00 (includes GST) per year if paid by January. After January 31, the fee shall be $630.00 (includes GST). For Whitemud Creek Estates properties, the fee is $252.00 (includes GST) per year. The encumbrance allows for a maximum of $50.00 per month.

Architectural Guidelines

As per the restrictive covenant:

  • No changes shall be made to the style or colour of the fencing.
  • No roofs may be replaced with other than approved products (see Approved Roofing Materials).

Failure by a homeowner to comply with the covenant regarding fences or roofing materials will result in legal action by the WCHA to enforce the covenant.


Fees are essential to the financing of operations and services provided by WCHA. The Board of Directors establishes the services and resulting rates to be paid each year which is presented at the Annual General Meeting.