Message from the Board – Restrictive Covenant

Many years and several presidents ago, with direction by the majority of Homeowners, the Carma roofing standards was upheld with a legal opinion obtained to enforce these standards. The board maintains this position that we should keep the original standards as set out by CARMA regarding the Restrictive Covenant for approved roofing materials. If we do not uphold everyone to these standards, it would not be fair but more importantly, we could clearly risk angering the majority who have abided by the CARMA standards.

Although this is not been a pleasant task, it is part of the agreement that everyone who purchases a home in Whitemud Creek and becomes a member of the WCHA to abide by the restrictive covenant to retain the property values of the homes in the WCHA. Be a good neighbor, by being the eyes and the ears of the community and inform your neighbors of the importance of what is set out for everyone and the expectations of the restrictive covenant.

The reminder notice is included in the yearly AGM notice that is sent out to the members.