Payment Options

At the beginning of each year in January, the homeowner association collects the mandatory homeowners' fees.  The current home levy fees are $315.00 for single family/annum and $252.00 for condo/annum, GST is included; if accounts are in good standing.

If the homeowner fees are not paid within 30 days, then the discount of $300 is lost.  The homeowner will then have to pay $600.  If fees are very late a 20% interest charge is then added to the account.

Mail Option

Upon receipt of the invoice, the homeowner can pay by cheque and mail to the address below.  We also accept post-dated cheques and they can also be mailed in advance to the address below.


Whitemud Creek Homeowners' Association

951 Ogilvie Blvd NW

Edmonton, AB  T6R 1K8


Electronic Fund Transfer Option

If your preference is Electronic Fund Transfer, we can accommodate this also.

You can email the Administrator at and you will be provided with a set of instructions.